Selection – Complete!

On Monday we finally had our World of Style appointment and can I say……. WOW! My boyfriend and I arrived there at 9 and didn’t leave until 6pm! Time went soooooo quick and I feel as though some sections were slightly rushed. We were lucky that we had made MOST decisions prior to attending our appointment. The interior designers were great in advising us possible colour choices and were able to give their opinion if they thought what we had come up with could look even better! We did find it was a bit rushed and really struggled to make final decisions as we did feel pressured by the staff to just ‘add it in the tender’ and remove it if we felt it wasn’t necessary.



Render – Paint Colour

We have chosen the below two designs as inspiration for our home. We are using Hebel on the exterior – the same colour as the bottom home (they are both Porter Davis – Hillside & Warldorf Grange) We wanted to keep it simple and elegant whilst still having a slight modern touch.




Warldorf Grange

Warldorf Grange


Roof Tile

We went with Category 3 roof tiles in the colour ‘Barramundi’. It has a much sleeker profile (as we were trying to achieve a look closest to shingles without blowing our budget!)


Category 3 – CSR Roof Tile


CSR Roof Tile – Traditional Barramundi



Wall Paint

The interior paint colour we chose was ‘Wattyl-Southwards’. I am unable to find it on their website but I have a couple pictures of houses that have used it

Entry foyer and Stairs

Galley and Laundry


Floor Tile

The floor tile we used is the same one as the display – it is called ‘crystal beige’

floor tile

Crystal Beige






We had a few issues with the stone selection for the benchtops as we had decided on Essa Stone – Crystal Salt originally but when we went to our appointment they notified us that there had been a change of supplier and that they were now getting it from Silestone. Both are from Category 2


Crystal Salt (original choice)


Blanco Maple (unsure choice)

I am still not happy with the choices we were given that were in the same category – we will probably have to upgrade to category 3 in order to achieve what we could in category 2 (even 1 if we went with Crystal Chalk!) I am after something with less fleck and more of a white base. The Blanco Maple has a few warm tones through it which I want to avoid.


We upgraded our carpets to category 3 – Lenton Brae and used the highest quality underlay. We tested a few different carpets types and the category 3 (in my opinion) was the nicest and the fullest.


Lenton Brae


I will add the interior details later this week (doors, handles, cornices etc. 🙂