Day Seventy Four.

Plaster and insulation has been delivered!

We decided to get an independent inspector to go over the frame before the plaster was installed – I was surprised at the amount of items that they picked up! Luckily Porter Davis have been really good with the report and got straight onto fixing the issues!

More timber has also been added to the frame. We were surprised to receive an invoice a few weeks ago saying the frame was ‘complete’ (which we paid) and then to find this was done after the fact. Always make sure you check the work has been 100% completed before you hand over your money – we were lucky that they came back very quickly to fix the parts that were missing but I’m sure not everyone is that lucky!


One thought on “Day Seventy Four.

  1. L S says:

    Hi Jessica. Thank you for your blog, it’s very helpful. We are just at the beginning of discussions with PD but have been stuffed around by two builders prior. So we have been trying to build a home since sept 2016. Love the Vancouver but reading everyone’s blogs I’m getting very nervous!
    Can I ask where you are building? We are in woodend. I wanted to know what they ended up charging you for site costs please? And what independent site surveyor you are using? How far do you think you are from completion? Hope I’m not being nosey, I’m just trying to work out if we can afford them and whether I can wait another 1+ year for a house!,


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